November 18, 2016

Life as a Mom

How is my little girl 7 months old already? It almost seems like she was born yesterday. 
Man, life races by once you have kids. There is no way to slow them down.

My daughter was born on April 22 and the moment I had her I knew she was the most precious thing ever had. Despite the tough pregnancy and so on. Mother nature worked her magic on me.

Now she's crawling and starting to speak and keeping me and Alberto busy. Except when she's asleep, which thankfully happens around 6 pm everyday. And the occasional nap at noon.

There is nothing more humbling than having children, because you realize you would most definitely give your life for them.

The begin of the biggest adventure of our life.

January 10, 2016

The pregnancy thing.

Hello again.

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and still trying to get used to the situation. Showing more and more since 18/19 weeks , even though I can still hide it when wearing wide sweaters.

So, I always wondered how I would deal with this pregnancy thing. I am a rather independent spirit and for a long time I didn't even want kids . Only since I met my husband, who adores children I felt that I could actually have a family one day. Because I know he will be my rock in this situation and because I know he was born to be a dad and will be able to deal with everything, even when I am not. When reading other blogs I often envisioned the family we'd have one day and just hoped it would be as flawless and apparently full of joy as pictured by these bloggers.

While it remains to be seen if this will be the case, I can already wholeheartedly say that I don't particularly enjoy being pregnant. And I am by no means having a difficult pregnancy, I barely had morning sickness and felt pretty good throughout the whole thing so far. But I have 2 jobs , work more than 50 hours a week and have to get up 2 or 3 times at night to pee. I sleep 4 or 5 hours on average and I am constantly tired, and by tired I mean exhausted. I can't go running anymore (makes me feel really uncomfortable and I am trying to listen to my body). After sitting in the office all day long, my belly hurts pretty badly in the evening. Not to mention I can't eat some of my favorite foods (way harder than not drinking, which I can manage). Now, the baby started to move quite a lot and the kicks are getting so strong it is starting to be quite uncomfortable. I guess all of this happens to every pregnant woman, and it probably depends from the mindset how you handle it.

My mindset is focused on work, I also love to exercise and I am quite frankly uncomfortable with the changes going on in my body. Does this mean I hate my baby? Of course not, I can't wait for it to come out. But I could do very well without the 10 months prior to birth. While I think it is wonderful when women can enjoy every moment of pregnancy I don't, and the pregnancy hormones don't make it easier.  Feeling ragey in one moment and teary in the next.

The worst thing is that everybody seems to think that I should be overjoyed. Whoever I meet tells me that these are supposed to be the happiest moments of my life and how amazing it is that there is a human being growing inside me. And they seem to be personally offended when I tell them that indeed, pregnancy sucks for me.

It's just not for everyone I guess, but big news: it is ok not to love it. Cheers to all moms who have been through this multiple times, I admire you!

January 4, 2016

Babygirl on the way

So, this is the big news I was hinting on in my last post with the wedding pictures.
We'll be adding a little girl to the fam by the end of April 2016! While we were planning to have a baby next year, it happened a little bit quicker than we anticipated.

Both Alberto and I are working like crazy people right now and don't even have much time to think about it. I started feeling kicks recently and at almost 6 months, my bump has become quite sizeable. I have not taken regular bump pics so far to document the pregnancy, but maybe I'll get around to it. Weight gain so far approximately 10 lbs or 4,5 Kg. Thankfully I didn't suffer much from nausea and have been able to follow my usual routine, however the exhaustion is real. Everything is so much harder to accomplish when pregnant. I am sure I'll be posting more about this, so maybe there'll be more regular posts on this blog again ;)

Wedding recap in pictures

5 months have passed again, this regular blogging thing is not for me.
While we have some more big news to share, I would still like to share some more pictures of our big day on the blog - just because I can :)

My best friends spent the last days before the wedding with me and I think saying it was intense
would be an understatement. I slept 5 hours on average (yes- not the best thing for your skin if you are planning to look "glowing" and what not on the big day...) and it was incredibly stressful, yet super rewarding. I love these girls more than words - or pictures - could say. They did my hair and make-up ( as you'll see I am not a big fan of full face make up or very done ahir, so i looked pretty much like my usual self...) and even my flower crown. I wore a dress I bought on Ebay, made the veil myself and also didn't see the need to buy new shoes. I honestly prefer my guests to have a blast with a better menu or more extras rather than spending too much money for myself. If I did it again, I'd glue the dress to my chest though, in 50 % of the pictures I look like I am grabbing my boobs because I am making some adjustments :D Also, big thing: It is worth to spend money in a good fotographer and communicate him or her exactly what matters to you. We had a friend of Alberto's do a video and LOVE it, but sadly our photographer didn't manage to take a picture of us and our families and some other important things are missing as well, so that's a little sad. As you can see the resolution is also not rgeat and they are quite blurry. Anyways, the day will live forever in our memories :) oh and I threw the bouquet so far that it landed BEHIND the girls who were waiting to catch it.

August 16, 2015

Hey there

Oh hey!

Just 6 months since I've posted the last time. 

It's a rainy sunday and I felt the irresistible urge to remove the dust from this blog. If I will post again soon or not, I do not know.  Many things have changed around here, we got married almost three months ago, we're living in Germany now and I am working in a company here in my hometown. Also, it's summer and I have always considered staring at a screen in summer time a crime. So many more rewarding things to do! So maybe with fall approaching I'll feel more motivated to post on a regular basis again. Or maybe not.

Married life is fun (though not much different for us, as we have been living together before getting married for 3 years already...) and we have a cute little flat here. We honeymooned in Tuscany, which was as beautiful as expected. And now we're spending summer in Germany, even though we have a trip to Thailand planned in November ;)

The wedding was everything we could have wished for, but I am not missing preparing the big day. Who knew there was so much trouble involved. Maybe me and Alberto living in different countries for the last 3 months also made it more of a challenge.

I don't know if I'll continue to blog or not, but I am definitely not so much into fashion posts anymore. Also stopped following all the fashion blogs I used to love - seems like I kind of lost interest in this topic, or maybe my interests are evolving in another direction right now.

So this post is a little meh, but I just wanted to say Hi, and post my favorite picture from our big day ;)

February 20, 2015

Denim Overalls , some thoughts


This is the second post this week, which is better than everything I managed to do in the last month or so... I'll take it as a good omen ;)

I am sure you all have seen denim overalls popping up over the last year and it looks like they'll be a thing this year as well. Have you bought yours yet? The last time I wore an overall must have been in preschool. I'm so torn! They look pretty comfy and easy to wear. With some stripes and heels and maybe a red lip, they can even look chic. So recently I tried one in H&M. It was all nice while I was looking at the front, but then I checked my behind in the mirror, and oh my... My butt is one of the body parts I actually like and wouldn't want to hide. And sadly, in a lose fitting overall that looks oh so légère seen from the front , the back sight is quite disturbing. Let's just say I understand why parents like to dress their kids in overalls, because I could easily be wearing a set of diapers or two and nobody would even see it. I can't handle the look of a flat and saggy butt that apparently all overalls have in common. Or maybe I just didn't try the right one yet. If I were to get one, I'd probably go for the shorts version. Pretty cute for summer, despite of the butt issue :) What do you think about overalls?

Saggy butt... Via what i'd wear
Via Atlantic Pacific

Via Sincerely Jules

February 19, 2015

Life Lately

My latest lack of blogging is completely unacceptable! Thank you so much for reading despite of my less than regular posts lately. I thought in order to catch up a little I could share what happened around here in the last weeks.

First and Most importantly, we finally closed the deal with our wedding venue and catering. We were looking for a place where our guests could sleep (especially my guests, as they are all from abroad) but it was just not affordable in the end. I am a little sad because I loved the idea to sleep at the same place after the wedding festivities and see my friends the next morning, but I know they'll understand. We'll get married in a beautiful quite remote place and I can't wait for the day to come. We had a lot of trouble with caterings as well and were really lucky in, as an incredible restaurant offered us a really good deal. We went with my in laws and a friend to try the menu the other day and words can't describe how good it was. We were there from 3 pm to 7 pm eating through all the courses and 5 different cakes they served us, not to speak of the wines. My mom in law and I ended up being tipsy and I was so stuffed that I had to lay flat on the couch for the rest of the evening ;) But I am so glad that this is set now and I know that our guests will love the food on our wedding day. 

Some weeks ago I posted about a dress that I found online and I finally managed to find it on Ebay. It's a beautiful dress, but my mom and mother in law don't love it because it is not white.They have a point I guess, but I really prefer investing the kind of money a nice wedding gown costs in our honeymoon. I'll just try to combine it with some bridal accessories and hope it'll do the job.

Also, 2 weeks ago was my birthday (28, tear...) and Alberto surprised me with a romantic weekend in Begur, a cute little coastal village and hour away from here. We had a picnic in the fields the first day, a siesta at the beach and an awesome dinner at night. The next day we slept in and did some sightseeing in the village. 2 perfect days. I didn't see it coming at all....How lucky I am to have him.That's it for today, I have a feeling that I'll be posting more frequently again from now on ;)

Thanks for reading!