January 4, 2016

Wedding recap in pictures

5 months have passed again, this regular blogging thing is not for me.
While we have some more big news to share, I would still like to share some more pictures of our big day on the blog - just because I can :)

My best friends spent the last days before the wedding with me and I think saying it was intense
would be an understatement. I slept 5 hours on average (yes- not the best thing for your skin if you are planning to look "glowing" and what not on the big day...) and it was incredibly stressful, yet super rewarding. I love these girls more than words - or pictures - could say. They did my hair and make-up ( as you'll see I am not a big fan of full face make up or very done ahir, so i looked pretty much like my usual self...) and even my flower crown. I wore a dress I bought on Ebay, made the veil myself and also didn't see the need to buy new shoes. I honestly prefer my guests to have a blast with a better menu or more extras rather than spending too much money for myself. If I did it again, I'd glue the dress to my chest though, in 50 % of the pictures I look like I am grabbing my boobs because I am making some adjustments :D Also, big thing: It is worth to spend money in a good fotographer and communicate him or her exactly what matters to you. We had a friend of Alberto's do a video and LOVE it, but sadly our photographer didn't manage to take a picture of us and our families and some other important things are missing as well, so that's a little sad. As you can see the resolution is also not rgeat and they are quite blurry. Anyways, the day will live forever in our memories :) oh and I threw the bouquet so far that it landed BEHIND the girls who were waiting to catch it.

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