January 4, 2016

Babygirl on the way

So, this is the big news I was hinting on in my last post with the wedding pictures.
We'll be adding a little girl to the fam by the end of April 2016! While we were planning to have a baby next year, it happened a little bit quicker than we anticipated.

Both Alberto and I are working like crazy people right now and don't even have much time to think about it. I started feeling kicks recently and at almost 6 months, my bump has become quite sizeable. I have not taken regular bump pics so far to document the pregnancy, but maybe I'll get around to it. Weight gain so far approximately 10 lbs or 4,5 Kg. Thankfully I didn't suffer much from nausea and have been able to follow my usual routine, however the exhaustion is real. Everything is so much harder to accomplish when pregnant. I am sure I'll be posting more about this, so maybe there'll be more regular posts on this blog again ;)

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