August 16, 2015

Hey there

Oh hey!

Just 6 months since I've posted the last time. 

It's a rainy sunday and I felt the irresistible urge to remove the dust from this blog. If I will post again soon or not, I do not know.  Many things have changed around here, we got married almost three months ago, we're living in Germany now and I am working in a company here in my hometown. Also, it's summer and I have always considered staring at a screen in summer time a crime. So many more rewarding things to do! So maybe with fall approaching I'll feel more motivated to post on a regular basis again. Or maybe not.

Married life is fun (though not much different for us, as we have been living together before getting married for 3 years already...) and we have a cute little flat here. We honeymooned in Tuscany, which was as beautiful as expected. And now we're spending summer in Germany, even though we have a trip to Thailand planned in November ;)

The wedding was everything we could have wished for, but I am not missing preparing the big day. Who knew there was so much trouble involved. Maybe me and Alberto living in different countries for the last 3 months also made it more of a challenge.

I don't know if I'll continue to blog or not, but I am definitely not so much into fashion posts anymore. Also stopped following all the fashion blogs I used to love - seems like I kind of lost interest in this topic, or maybe my interests are evolving in another direction right now.

So this post is a little meh, but I just wanted to say Hi, and post my favorite picture from our big day ;)

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