February 11, 2015

These are the days

Last week it has been seriously cold around here, one day it was even snowing - an event that only occurs every 2 or 3 years here at the Mediterranean coast. Unfortunately I left the only really warm jacket I own in Germany as I thought I wouldn't need it here. Layering is nice and so hip and everything, but in my opinion when you have temperatures around 0 and below, only an awesome coat does the job. I am also a person who always seems to be cold, so I suffered a bit last week. It's funny, people always ask me how I can be cold here when I come from a country with real winters. My sincere reply is that I have never been as cold as here in Spain! Simply because in Germany the houses are isolated , and you will never be cold in your house. Here in Barcelona this is not the case and I usually sleep with 2 sweaters, a scarf and 2 pairs of socks. Indeed, I am so used to being cold all the time now that back In Germany I had to turn the heaters off because I was getting sweaty and everything. So what I wanted to say is, once it gets a little cold in Barcelona, I never get warm. In my flat the temperatures aren't much higher than outside, and my wardrobe is not really adjusted to cold temperatures , as we only have 2 or 3 colder months each year. Anyways, enough talk about weather. Today the sun was out and it was actually pretty nice outside. If you are wondering if I will ever get around to regular posts again, I am wondering the same thing ;) Thanks for reading!



  1. Oh my- I could not handle a cold house. We have a big old farm house with no insulation, and I make my hubby keep a fire going nearly year round. I'm somewhere near it every chance I can.