February 19, 2015

Life Lately

My latest lack of blogging is completely unacceptable! Thank you so much for reading despite of my less than regular posts lately. I thought in order to catch up a little I could share what happened around here in the last weeks.

First and Most importantly, we finally closed the deal with our wedding venue and catering. We were looking for a place where our guests could sleep (especially my guests, as they are all from abroad) but it was just not affordable in the end. I am a little sad because I loved the idea to sleep at the same place after the wedding festivities and see my friends the next morning, but I know they'll understand. We'll get married in a beautiful quite remote place and I can't wait for the day to come. We had a lot of trouble with caterings as well and were really lucky in, as an incredible restaurant offered us a really good deal. We went with my in laws and a friend to try the menu the other day and words can't describe how good it was. We were there from 3 pm to 7 pm eating through all the courses and 5 different cakes they served us, not to speak of the wines. My mom in law and I ended up being tipsy and I was so stuffed that I had to lay flat on the couch for the rest of the evening ;) But I am so glad that this is set now and I know that our guests will love the food on our wedding day. 

Some weeks ago I posted about a dress that I found online and I finally managed to find it on Ebay. It's a beautiful dress, but my mom and mother in law don't love it because it is not white.They have a point I guess, but I really prefer investing the kind of money a nice wedding gown costs in our honeymoon. I'll just try to combine it with some bridal accessories and hope it'll do the job.

Also, 2 weeks ago was my birthday (28, tear...) and Alberto surprised me with a romantic weekend in Begur, a cute little coastal village and hour away from here. We had a picnic in the fields the first day, a siesta at the beach and an awesome dinner at night. The next day we slept in and did some sightseeing in the village. 2 perfect days. I didn't see it coming at all....How lucky I am to have him.That's it for today, I have a feeling that I'll be posting more frequently again from now on ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yay- a trip away, and as a surprise sounds incredibly romantic! What a sweetheart. So glad you got every settled, I'm sure that feels great! Enjoy the weekend!