February 20, 2015

Denim Overalls , some thoughts


This is the second post this week, which is better than everything I managed to do in the last month or so... I'll take it as a good omen ;)

I am sure you all have seen denim overalls popping up over the last year and it looks like they'll be a thing this year as well. Have you bought yours yet? The last time I wore an overall must have been in preschool. I'm so torn! They look pretty comfy and easy to wear. With some stripes and heels and maybe a red lip, they can even look chic. So recently I tried one in H&M. It was all nice while I was looking at the front, but then I checked my behind in the mirror, and oh my... My butt is one of the body parts I actually like and wouldn't want to hide. And sadly, in a lose fitting overall that looks oh so légère seen from the front , the back sight is quite disturbing. Let's just say I understand why parents like to dress their kids in overalls, because I could easily be wearing a set of diapers or two and nobody would even see it. I can't handle the look of a flat and saggy butt that apparently all overalls have in common. Or maybe I just didn't try the right one yet. If I were to get one, I'd probably go for the shorts version. Pretty cute for summer, despite of the butt issue :) What do you think about overalls?

Saggy butt... Via what i'd wear
Via Atlantic Pacific

Via Sincerely Jules

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