February 4, 2015


With all the technology and progress, there are still some things that stand untouched. My Granny turned 92 last weekend and of course we visited her. There are only 3 of her friends left, and while we were having dinner with them, I couldn't help but think that all of us will eventually get old and die one day. For the time being however, I am turning 28 this weekend which honestly feels pretty darn old to me. I remember when I turned 26 and I thought that I was closer to the big 30 than the 20 now, and here I am... turning 28.

Every year I discover some new lines in my face. Especially since I started working I really noticed a difference, probably all the stress, lack of sleep and worrying at work. It is bitter sweet to observe this process. I am not worried about growing older, as I guess that with age come new challenges and experiences to live. I can't wait to be a grandma one day, for example! I would lie if I said I don't care about the process of physical aging though. While I am still young, I see that I can't stop time and won't have my young face forever. Which worries me, especially because my boyfriend is not much older than me and men tend to age so much more gracefully! There are so many things that determine how we grow older. One of my best friends is still studying and sleeps in everyday. Even though she's my age, she looks way younger than I do and probably sleeping long hours and the good student life is one of the reasons. There's genetics: some people are blessed with a great skin and great bone structure. I always think that ladies with prominent cheekbones and chins just tend to age more gracefully. I have neither great skin nor an impressive bonestructure, besides my large and bumpy nose :) And of course there are environmental influences - let's just say that I regret all the hours I spent at the beach a little by now.

However,I always find that maybe the most important factor of how we age is our attitude. A warm smile and happy face makes up for wrinkly skin and grey hair. Indeed, smiling has a little lifting effect on our cheeks and lids, while a serious expression often tends to give people a tired and worn out look. Since I am a little sensitive to the topic lately, I have always been "on the watch" and have seen many old and truely beautiful women. We have to embrace getting older and make the best of it.

Sorry for the random rant! Are you worried about getting older? 
(Below some beautiful older women I found on Pinterest - clicking on the picture should take you to the source)


  1. Random rants are always fun to write. :) And it's funny, when my boyfriend got his job, he was so stressed out, that at 23, he was already finding gray hairs! lol.


    1. I'm telling ya, demanding jobs are the worst for a youthful appareance !

  2. Umm yes- i love getting older in the vein that I'm more comfortable, happy with who I am, but I hate it in the wrinkles!


    1. who doesn't ;) I have some serious under eye wrinkled that I could do without....

  3. Getting older means getting more opportunities and chances. We should not rant about being old because everyone's getting there. I love this post!