January 19, 2015

Your are what you eat

Hello friends,

Many people start the New Year off with goals such as Fitness, Healthy eating etc. I really do believe that Food plays a very important role in our health and lives in general. I wasn't that much aware of it when I was younger, but in the last years I've become very conscious of ingredients in my cosmetics and also in  what I eat. At some point I decided that I shouldn't try to save money when it comes to my skin -  this was when I switched from drugstore to Kiehl's - and of course, I shouldn't save money when it comes to what I eat either. I would love to buy 100 % organic food one day, but currently we are still on a budget and can't afford it. However, when we buy meet - which is not very often - we only buy it from organic stores that guarantee a certain degree of animal welfare. Not only do I find hard to accept how animals are treated in many non organic farms, I also think that it cannot be good for us to eat meat of animals who have been fed with hormones and kept alive with Antibiotics.
I am not a nutritionist and no doctor and hence not trying to give scientific advice. I also don't count calories and wouldn't be able to tell you if a 'healthy' Banana has more or less calories than the not so healthy processed chocolate bar. What I do care about is feeding my body with the best possible food. I am still on the journey and I thought it would be fun to document it here on the blog.

First steps

Over the last years I made baby steps towards better eating habits. For example, I banned products derived from white flour from our pantry. In most supermarkets, you'll find whole grain rice, pasta and bread - and in my opinion, they are way more delicious and satisfying.I try to incorporate as many veggies as I can, even though I am seriously lacking some really good veggie side dishes! (If you have recommendations feel free to leave a comment!)

If you are like me you'll feel hungry like a  lion at lunch - or dinner time. I often tend to overeat because I am so hungry. Usually we only start to feel full after some time and at that point we have already eaten more than we need to. This is why it is good to eat slowly! It's also better for our digestive system. A good way to start a meal is to always include some kind of starter - in many cases this is a small salad with some greens, tomatoe and maybe some carrots. This will take the biggest craving away.

If Rice, Pasta , Potatoes and so on is usually the base of our meals,   there should always be as many fresh ingredients as possible - obviously in most cases this would be veggies. I once read that there should be more Veggies than the other way around, but I am struggling with this - even if I ate two or 3 zuchhini I wouldn't feel as full and satisifed as after eating a good serving of Pasta :)

Where I struggle most is the desert. I always have a sweet breakfast. Can't help it, I need my cereals, bread with jam and maybe even a hot chocolate in the morning. But I could also easily have some kind of desert after every meal the whole day long. I just feel I need something sweet after I ate something salty. Lets face it: few people have the supermodel Genes it takes to have a desert after every meal. But besides that, it is also not good at all to eat so much sugar! I have a horrible sweet tooth, so it is kind of hard for me to work around this. I started trying to substitute my Flans and Icecreams with Yoghurt after dinner, and after lund I try to have some kind of fruit.

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