January 14, 2015

Under 30, a Master, 5 languages and 6 years working experience

Hello Folks!

After all the outfits posts I thought I'd post about something different today. I am currently looking for a job on the German labor market for the first time in my life. After I finished my studies, I have only ever been working in Spain. So this is new for me. Germany is a pretty privileged place to work compared to many other countries: the salaries are not bad, private insurance is included in many jobs, there is a good support system for families with children... I am pretty excited to benefit of all these things. And, to support this system paying taxes, I should say ;) But I am still a newbie on the market and I can't help but feel stunned by the high standards they require. Maybe it is because I am looking for work in the South of Germany which is pretty well of and in a smaller city, but reading the job offers makes me feel a little dizzy.

I am still under 30, so this is the group I compete with. While I've been living in a country that was hit by a crisis in the last 5 years, Germany has gone through an economic boom. Many of the people of my age don't only have one Master, but several - or even a Doctor. (I have a Bachelor and a Master with average grades.)  In Spain I stand out a little for I speak 3 languages  quite well, but in Germany there are many people of my age who know 3 languages or even more. Most of those have had a stable job in a good company for the last 3 or 4 years or so, while I have been changing jobs and companies quite a lot, trying to improve my conditions. Furthermore, unfortunately Spain doesn't have a good reputation in Germany... people generally think that they are just a little lazy and eternally doing Siestas. Which is not true, I have seen many very hard working people around here and personally worked like a maniac for some time. But anyways. So while here in Spain my profile is not that bad and quite employable, I am starting to be a little scared by the high standards set in my home country and the pressure I have to find a good job, as my boyfriend will just be learning German the first months and I'll have to make money for both of us.

I just hope that everything will work out in the end. I'd love to hear if you have any similar experiences.

xo, Sophia

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