December 23, 2014


Hey, how how have you guys been? This is the first time I manage to blog since last Friday. To be honest it is probably the first time I even use the Internet. Usually I check my mails every hour or so and on a bad day I'll check Instagram even more. I always have time to blog. If I have been away for so long its because I'm having the best time (and being incredibly busy) over here. Between runs, hikes, meetings with high school friends and my best friends, family time, drinking hot wine at the Christmas market and get together parties I maybe spend 1 hour each day at home. Not to mention the permanent lack of sleep.... But I love it!  One of the most marvellous things that happened to me while living abroad is learning to treasure my friends, family and home. No matter how comfortable you are where you are, you'll never know it before you go away for some time. I am a pretty social person and I never doubted that I would be able to find friends wherever I go. And there are so many people worth meeting out there. But none of them will ever mean the same to me as the friends I grew up with. They were incredible girls back then and they have grown into awesome ladies. I only see all of them once a year as none of us lives in our hometown for the time being . But I will never give up hope that one day we'll be neighbours again :)


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