December 31, 2014


Isn't it crazy how quickly the holidays pass after all the anticipation. Today is the last day of the year and the end of the festive period. I've been home for a week (back in BCN now) and I wanted to share some impressions with you. You can say what you want, we know how to Christmas in Germany. I love long walks through the lit up streets, meetings with friends at the Christmas market, drinking hot wine and cider, and just how festive and merry everything is. Christmas is when I get to see all my childhood friends and my heart feels like it is going to burst. How much I love those girls. I tried to make the most out of each and every day and got up early, meeting my friends, going for a run/hike, meeting other friends, going out at night... in other words, completely exhausted but incredibly happy. So much love in the air. My brother was on Cuba the whole month of December, so I didn't see him unfortunately. He is the best brother one could possibly have and I adore him. So on Christmas it was me and my parents, who don't get along very well but tried to make an effort. I enjoyed these days like a little child and am so bummed that they are over!

On December 24 it started to snow in the mountains, and on the 27th, one day after I left, it snowed down in the valley. SO DISAPPOINTED I MISSED IT! I hope you enjoy the pictures, even though they don't come even close to the real thing.


  1. Pretty photos!
    Happy New Year

    1. Thanks Laura, Happy New Year to you too ;)