December 11, 2014

Making an effort

The other day I had a little discussion with my boyfriend about our relationship and how important it is that both of us keep working on it. After more than 3 years together, we just start to get a little too comfortable with each other. Which is normal and good, I guess, but there are certain things that should not be neglected. While I could go on about this for hours, today I only want to talk about appearance. Obviously I don't care anymore if my boyfriend always sees me in the best light. Often I don't shave my legs for days in winter (gross, I know, but my guilty pleasure...), I don't put any make up on, I don't wash my hair for days (trying to grow it out and apparently not washing is essential for it...) and I walk around in sweatpants. Many times , I'll be lounging around with a face and hair mask on. He, on the other hand, wears clothes so old at home that their color is barely recognizable and they are full of holes. His glasses are the ugliest glasses I have ever seen, have been broken several times and are somehow patched together.This said, when we go to work or see friends, obviously we both like to dress well and I usually don't leave the house without any makeup (even though I can't be bothered to put on a lot). Sometimes I wonder if our friends would even recognize us if they saw us at home. And while I do think you should be comfortable at home and with your partner, it can't be good to dress in rugs and look our worst when we are together. Especially as our lives besides that are fairly separated and we only occasionally leave the house together at the weekend.

So I made the resolution to try and make a little effort at home. For some reason I hate using beauty products when I know I won't leave the house (time, effort and the feeling to be 'wasting' them if I don't really need to). So today I sat down and analyzed how long it takes me to get ready and what I actually need. Currently I use 6-7 products more or less frequently:
-Beige Kajal
-Concealer around my eyes, mouth and between my brows
-Broncer on both sites of my forehead (it's so wide ...)
-Brown Eyeliner
-Eyebrow Pencil

It takes me no more than three minutes to put all this on. 3 Minutes! And while I don't think I will be using all this each and every day now, I guess there can be no harm in being just looking a little more put together even If I don't leave the house. Oh and shaving those legs, of course.
That being said, I would love to be better at the whole Makeup thing. As you can see I have a kind of irregular skin tone and features (my nose was broken once and wasn't really fixed) and I guess with a proper Makeup I could get more out of myself.

Please excuse the sloppy background and slightly different lighting.

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