December 27, 2014

Dresses for NYE

Do you care much about NYE? Because I don't. I know, great introduction to a post about dresses for NYE. But in my experience its just the most expensive and least remarkable party of the year. Talk about overrated. I would love to rent a remote house just for me and my friends and cook dinner for all, but most people want to go out and dance the night away, so we'll eventually end up at the typical incredibly crowded club. I am a little excited about dresses for NYE though and I put a small selection together. There are long dresses, short dresses, modest dresses that could be worn every day, sexy dresses, plain dresses and the inevitable lace and sequins. And all are under 100 € :)

What do you think about this dress? I know it looks a little meh, but with nice hair and some gold accessories, I think this would be gorgeous. And can be worn after all this crazyness is over. I like the dye effect and the auburn color. Not sure about the belt. (Dress by Zara)

Same here. Imagine the dress with long locks, gold high heels, a nice purse, and some festive Makup. Clearly this is not your typical party dress but depending from your plans I think it could turn out beautiful. (Dress by Zara)

This one is rather on the sexy site... love the green lace. The same dress is also available in black. (Dress by Topshop)
For those not afraid to show some skin, again I love the color and this little velvet dress definitely made to impress! (Dress by Topshop)
Sequins in this color? Yes please .... (Topshop)

Little black dress... (Topshop) 
Maxi with a twist... (Topshop)
If I had real curves, I would only wear fitted midi dresses like this one . I'm sure on a curvy woman this one would be a show stopper. (Topshop)
In Loveeee with this Maxi Dress! (Topshop)


  1. So fun! I'm with you, I really dislike New Years eve, it's always a complete and total letdown, I've given up all expectations which makes it better somehow!

    1. haha yes I also expect the worst each and every year and sometimes it is just as bad, while other times it is slightly better than expected. Hoping I can somehow stay at home this year lol