December 26, 2014

Bare Minerals. A short rant

Hello friends,

I hope you are having wonderful holidays with families and friends :) I had the best time as usual, but today I'm flying back to Barcelona and (bummer) it is supposed to really snow around here tomorrow. Talk about back luck! On my flight to Germany the Crew informed us that they had an additional 20 % off of all duty free products and I bought the Bare Minerals Getting Started Kit. I usually only use drug store make up and never spend more than 5 € on one item, so I had the highest expectations. Plus I have seen people rave about bare minerals on blogs and in reviews. Bare minerals, so they say, gives medium to high coverage, a glossy finish and at the same time it is awesome for our skin.
I checked out several Youtube tutorials to make sure I apply it correctly, but so far I am not getting the glossy finish I expected. I don't need very high corverage, but the thin layer of foundation looks cakey and ages my skin a lot. I used it on three evenings out in a row and the conclusion was always the same. Using bare minerals makes me look 5 years older at least.

Probably it works well on people with really smooth skin, but I have big pores and fine wrinkles under my eyes and after putting on the powder foundation my pores looked HUGE and my fine wrinkles were actually more visible than before. I searched "Bare Minerals make me look older" in Google and found a bunch of other people with the same problem. So if you are intrigued by bare minerals, only get it if you have flawless smooth skin unless you're keen for it to accentuate your flaws :) I'm so bummed that I spent so much money on something I'll obviously not use! Anyways, have you tried bare minerals? Is it working for you?

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