November 11, 2014

Whatever happened to H&M

Good morning!

I should be back in Barcelona by now, but my wisdom teeth suddenly decided it was time to come out. I can hardly open my mouth, and thought it was better to see a dentist here in Germany. I hope I don't have to have them removed, I've heard so many horror stories I don't think I can handle it.

When I grew up here I hated that we only had an H&M and no Zara or Mango. Freiburg seems to be too small of a city for them to open a store. (They are mistaken, I know they wouldn't be disappointed...) But anyways, in the last years I avoided H&M as there are so many other stores in Barcelona. Having been here for more than a week, I couldn't help but check it out. And I must say, it was a positive surprise. They do have some cute stuff now! I didn't walk out with empty hands...

I imagine this with some cute shorts, ankle boots and a parka.

I needed a beige hat :)

I'll admit it... I bought that dress. I mean, it was 14 €!


Skirt & Cardigan

P.s: I only bought the dress and the hat. But I would buy all of the stuff I selected on their homepage :)

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