November 13, 2014

Wedding Update: Venues

Hello again!

We have decided on a day and place for our wedding now. Let me tell ya, the whole wedding business is killing me. In the beginning I thought we could just rent a place, cook the food ourselves, bake the cake and buy some second hand decoration. Boy was I wrong! Turns out it is almost impossible to just rent a venue without everything that comes along. Besides my parents talked me out of cooking ourselves. I think you can probably do this if you have a fun , very casual and small wedding but we'll invite around 90 persons and obviously there is no way we could handle this unless we'd have a barbecue wedding. haha.

We visited several venues and had to decide between two in the end. I love being outdoors and I wanted to get married on a farm/country house. The one that we finally picked is actually not our favorite! It is a lot more expensive than the other one and the exterior is not as nice. (Even though it is still a beautiful place). The thing is that we are going to marry in a rainy month. And if it rains and the celebration can't take place outside, I need a nice interior space. And where the other one had only one room, the one we finally picked has a number of very charming interior facilities. So unfortunately I had to say goodbye to the dream of getting married in a more remote place and finally we'll still be in the outskirts of Barcelona *sigh*.

I mean look at this, isn't it gorgeous? Still in love...

And this is the place that we picked finally. It is a Spanish Masia on top of a hill, which means  that I can't incorporate the garden in the ceremony. I also uploaded a picture of the interior space. I am sure that with the right kind of decoration it can be just as as I imagine but my heart is still aching for the other venue. In the one we chose they have two small artificial lakes that I despise and I feel that the exterior has less "flair". But then, what would I do with a beautiful exterior if its pouring rain outside?

So I also had a closer look at the budget last night and it is crazy what you pay for just having the minimum services. Like, very basic decoration, a reception  with some drinks, civil ceremony, dinner (not picking the most expensive menus) , 2 hours DJ after dinner... We wanted to book at least 1 or 2 extra hours but the extras are SO expensive that we might have to reconsider. Not to mention my dress, his suit, invitations, flowers, extra decoration, a bus to get our guests to the venue, our Honeymoon, and so on. But well, in the best case we only marry once in our lives, so probably its worth it in the end right?

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