November 21, 2014

True Romance

My mother in law told me recently that she had ever just seen me in pastel colors. I checked my closet when I got home and I do have plenty of other colors. Just that I think pastels make my skin look much better. I don't have a very even skin tone and i feel that bright colors accentuate my flaws ;) So usually I only wear them when I am also willing to put on a proper make up. I guess not everybody is going to love the pastel - romantic vibe I have going on in today's outfit? I bought that tulle skirt in a small store in Barcelona and shortened it myself (it reached down to the floor). The Blouse is from H&M and the shoes are typical Spanish shoes. I have never had more comfortable heels and they come in many colours. Love them!

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend :) If you are wondering, it really is warm enough to go out like this during daytime in BCN. Oh and my brother told me I always have the same grin in all my pictures thats why I am sporting a dead serious face :)


  1. this outfit is adorable!! love the color of the skirt with the blouse. you look like a walking secret garden :)

    1. You just made my day! Thank you so much, just reading through your blog! xo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sienna, I'm glad you approve ;)