November 19, 2014

That dress!

Hey there,

in my post about H&M I showed you a picture of this dress and hat that I bought. Do you like them? I know I will use the dress a lot and I think its pretty versatile. In the pictures I combined it with some lace up boots (that I also love) but I can also picture a more chic version with some pumps (maybe in a nice color?) or of course the inevitable ankle boots. Sorry for the staged pics, you know I'm taking them myself with timer ;)  How is your week going so far? In my posts about insomnia I mentioned that I've been sleeping on the couch for the last year or so. As I am better now, I am trying to return to the bed a couple of nights each week. Unfortunately so far I never managed to sleep there and ended up on the sofa again well after midnight so I didn't exactly have a good rest in the last nights. For this week I'm done trying but I'll give it another try next week :)

Hope you're doing well!



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