November 12, 2014

On family

Happy Wednesday!

I am an avid blog reader and there are 10 - 15 blogs I check out pretty much everyday. While I love those blogs, I can't help but notice that most of them are meant to "uplift and inspire" and show the happy sides of life. Which makes me feel that my blog is rather on the gloomy side. Actually I also love to blog about our trips and other good things that happen in my life, but I, like everybody, have bad days too and I want to share them as well. I wouldn't like my blog to be a place that makes my life look like a great pink bubble.

Today is one of those gloomy days. I am in Germany right now visiting my family. When I say family , I refer to my mom, dad and brother, as the rest of my family lives in other parts of the country and I barely ever see them. My parents divorced when I was 7 , but currently they live together because living in this part of Germany is very expensive and they couldn't afford living in two separate places. Especially because they wanted one bigger flat for when I visit from Spain. It is the weirdest situation. They try to ignore each other mostly, but I can literally feel the tension in the air. Which makes perfect sense, because they divorced for a reason. They just can't live together. My mom is kind of a happy go lucky person and my father is an obsessive worker, extremely demanding, and rather serious. Obviously it is a lot easier to love my mom, but I love my dad equally because I know that he is the way he is because he always strives for the best. While I got used to the weird silence at home (except when one of them talks to me) I will never get used to them constantly complaining about each other to me. My dad complaining about my mom's working ethics, personality, and the way she raised us, her children. My mom complaining about my dad being mean and his rude manners with everybody, my dad complaining about my brother and me not living up to our academic potential... I told both of them that I don't want to hear their mutual complaints, but as I am the only person they talk to at home there is no way around it. Besides, they are so jealous! I have heard multiple times from each of them that I was talking more to the other one. To say it is depressing would be the least. Clearly, they have to live in separate places again. But I am also worried about them because they are not the youngest anymore and it is not comforting to know they will live all alone.

So many worries! I am so jealous of people who post pictures of themselves and their family having a good time, because our family activities usually end with some kind of drama ;) But I am also glad to report how well I get along with my brother. When we grew up we were enemies, but with each year that passes by we love each other more and I love him to death now.  Having a happy family is definitely one of my life goals and I know that with Alberto I have a great partner to make this dream reality one day. Thanks for reading.

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