November 25, 2014

October get away

It's almost December and I just saw I still had some pictures from an October weekend that we spent in a small village called Peratallada. It is about 1,5 hours away from Barcelona and one of my favorite places to go. The village consists mainly of medieval houses and is surrounded by a large defense wall. Seeing these constructions makes me wonder how people were able to build back then with their bare hands. Also, these houses are beautiful compared to everything we build today. They withstood times and weather and it seems they were built yesterday. While many of the houses we build nowadays only 50 years later are in need of a major reform. I am all about progress, but sometimes we should take time to look back and learn from the past as well.

Now, my next thought goes to the Catalonian Hinterland. The North of Spain has such amazing landscapes. BUT nobody seems to care much about planning here. You can be driving through a perfect green landscape and all of a sudden there are 2 or 3 skyscrapers in the nothing. With Skyscrapers I refer to buildings with more than 6 stories. People live there. Same in many of the medieval villages around. few were as well maintained as Peratallada, most of them have some horrific multi story buildings in the middle that destroy the charm. Or you wander around in the fields, cross a hill and suddenly there's and industrial plant. Industrial plants are spread about the whole country instead of accumulating them on few sites as it would make sense. Whoever was responsible for planning and landscaping clearly wasn't very sensitive and it just makes me sad how they mess with the beautiful nature they have around here. Huh... didn't even intend to get so much into this topic, but it is something that continually upsets me.

Just for you to see how beautiful the Hinterland actually is.. strolling around. The Beach below is one of my favorites. You can only access it walking along a path through the woods. The old mansion you see on the picture is abandoned, nobody is allowed to live at that beach anymore. It's a paradise.


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    1. Yes it is a beautiful place. But your pictures look incredible, too. so jealous! xo

  2. It looks so beautiful and peaceful. Would love to go there sometime.

    Kind regards,

    1. haha you should Nathaly! thanks for commenting :) xo