November 3, 2014

Little Regrets: Skincidents

Hey there,

Hope you all had  a nice Halloween? Who read my posts about Insomnia knows that I have to stick to my schedule and can't go out. So I stayed at home and had some curd-cheese-chocolate-chip scones :) On Sunday we went on a hike and *drum roll* I'll be off to Germany for the next week! So excited!

Last week I blogged about feeling insufficient. This week's regret is what I did to my skin in the last 10 + years. It is pretty much common knowledge that we shouldn't expose our skin to the sun too much. Do you guys always use SPF? Do you avoid the sun? Do you not go to the pool during the critical hours around noon? Congrats then, you are doing the right thing.

My skin has always been problematic, and while my brother had a perfect complexion, I had a face full of Acne and really greasy skin. People at school started calling me "Pizza Face" at some point, kids can be so cruel can't they? It started when I was 13, and even though I don't have Acne anymore, my skin still breaks out a lot at the age of 27. Back then I quickly noticed that sun exposure improved the appearance of my skin. And that using SPF would make me break out again. Subsequently, I would be out in the sun whenever I could with no SPF. I was toasting myself hours and hours in the backyard. After some time I was prescribed meds that should help me to get rid of my bad skin, and the doc mentioned that it was really important to avoid the sun while on the meds . Well, obviously I gave a heck and spent just as many hours in the sun as before. Just thinking of it makes me cringe.

The pictures above were taken years ago and if you watch closely you see that in some of them I have a large melasma on the forehead , sun damage from all the years without SPF. You don't have to watch closely to see that I look pretty toasted in all pics.  I remember that I was hanging out with a friend at the pool when I was 18,19 years old and we both were convinced that by the age of 30 there would be an efficient treatment to undo sun damage. I am turning 28 next year, and so far the magical elixir wasn't invented.  I am pretty sure that my skin is damaged beyond repair, and hope that it will result "only" in early wrinkles and not skin cancer. I started taking better care of my skin in the last 2 years, but also I live in Barcelona now where we have sunshine pretty much every day. I have tried all kind of oil free sunscreen and they still make me break out, so I am not as good with daily SPF as I should be. I do use SPF 50 now when we go to the beach or have outdoor activities planned, and in general I try to keep my face out of the sun. I can recommend Sun protection from Kiehl's, Avena and La Roche Posay for oily skin.

Well the point of this post is : Be careful with your skin. You only have one, and skin doesn't forget.
Be safe! xoxo, have a great start of the week.

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