November 5, 2014

Latest Acquisitions...

Good morning you guys,

How are you doing? I am in Germany since yesterday. First thing I did was hike up one of my favorite spots. The fall colors were amazing, and the air was so crisp :) Pictures to come soon.
Did you see they have a 50 % sale on selected items going on at Springfield? I bought these three sweaters. I am not sure if they are still all available on sale ( bought them some weeks ago...)

They were so inexpensive I just couldn't resist. And sweaters are pretty basic in the next months anyways.Those 3 are perfect basics and I am sure I'll give them good use. Is it a bit weird to buy a dog sweater? I just love dogs and I had to have this! I put some looks together on Polyvore below that I think would work well with them.

Today its raining here, I really hope the leaves won't fall as I still have a major excursion planned on the weekend with my best friend and I was so excited about the beautiful colors.

Anyways, happy tuesday folks! Thanks for reading!

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