November 20, 2014

Growing out that hair - the wedding challenge

Some of you may have read that We're getting married next year.

Is it a vain and superficial thing to say that I want to look my best that day? Because I do! And one very important step to getting there is doing something about my hair. I've always had thin, dry, brittle hair. When I was little my mom forced me to get a boyish short hair cut because as she says my (back then white blonde) hair was too thin to wear it any other way. Obviously traumatized I took things in my own hand once I grew up and even managed to grow it to boob length before I went abroad :)  But since I moved to Barcelona with the sun, salt and chalk in the water it just got worse and worse. At that time I also decided I wanted to go silicone free which didn't make things easier. I went from boob to shoulder length to control the damage and it took me three years to grow it again. This is just how slow my hair is growing. I've had friends who went to butt length in that time! Besides growing extremely slow, it also breaks very easily. Not to mention a little accident with bleach I had after returning from a party last year (you know the tipsy late night ideas never work out) that destroyed what was left of my hair. So my goal for my wedding day May 29 (6 months from now) would be to grow my hair 5 cm more and then get a trim and some blonde highlights I think.

My hair right now, it looks blonder in this picture than it actually is.
Pre Barcelona
Pre Barcelona... i want back to that colour and texture.

After few months in Barcelona . shortly before I had to chop it off

This is the action plan:

Food and supplements

Proteins, Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron and Healthy Fats are considered important to promote hair growth. Being a vegetarian ( I maybe eat meat once every two months if I can be sure that the meat is from organic farms) I try to eat spinach, eggs, nuts and lentils every week to make sure I am not lacking any of the above. I usually drink almond milk in the morning which is said to have lots of proteins as well. I take Zinc and Brewer's yeast too. 

Heat damage and Chemical damage

I never blow-dry my hair or straighten it . With brittle hair like mine it really is a no go. I wish I could though because it looks so much better. *sigh* Sometimes I let it airdry 98 % and just blow dry for a minute to give the hair more volume. I used to have highlights and I think blonder hair does look better on me. But I'm not getting anything done until short before the wedding as chemical damage will make my hair break even more. My ends are pretty blonde right now due to my bleach accident last year, but my natural colour is a dull dark blonde :)


 So I read different opinions here. Some say you should not brush excessively as you'll end up pulling out hair, others say it stimulates the scalp and makes your hair grow faster. Everybody agrees that you should not brush your hair while wet though, and I'll try to make an effort and wait until it is completely dry to de-tangle it.


Ok here is the thing. All people with beautiful, long hair say that they don't wash more than once or twice a week. My hair gets fatty fairly quickly at the roots so I never gave this a second thought.But I am giving it a try now, because a) its winter which means no beach and hello hats and b) I stopped going to the gym and don't sweat as much anymore. So since October I only wash twice a week and while my hair doesn't look great after 2 days without washing, it is bearable. I use dry shampoo occasionally before I go to bed and in the morning it looks ok. I can't wair it open after day 1, so I usually try to wear braids... I find Barefoot Blonde's tutorials to be quite helpful. Oh and I try to rinse with cold water.


As mentioned above I am trying to use silicone free products. I will never know if it was really worth it because my hair looked so much better with silicones. But I decided to stick to my choice and never changed back. Sometimes I will use a silicone shampoo or conditioner before an important event. I tried all kind of natural shampoos that didn't work for me at all and currently I am using the Argan Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask from Kiehl's. They are quite pricey but also long lasting and while they don't make my hair really feel clean, I prefer to have it on the greasier side as I think it will break less this way. I also use Argan oil and Jojoba oil on the ends before I go to bed as they always dry out over the day.


While I did get regular trims to cut of my split, frizzy ends I won't do so until 2 weeks or so before the wedding. My hair splits and breaks immediately even with regular trims and won't grow at all. So I decided rather than that I prefer longer hair with split ends. 

So yes, this is the action plan :) I think I'll post monthly updates to see how I am doing. 


  1. Congrats on the upcoming wedding first off, second it's so not vain to want to look amazing on the big day, next your hair is gorgeous! I also have long hair, but it's fine and kinda thin, check out the blog barefoot blonde she has totally revolutionized my hair!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Yes, barefoot blonde is my savior when it comes to braids etc on graisy hair days ;)