November 6, 2014

Cadaques - a pearl at the mediterranean Coastline

Hello friends, are you sick of the picture overload already? How are you doing on this beautiful thursday morning? Yesterday was cold and rainy, a real november day. I made the best of it , put on my hunter boots and went on a foggy hike. I so regretted not bringing my camera, because the fog between the mountains was pretty dreamy. 

Today I want to share some pictures from a trip to one of my favorite places in Catalonia (the part of Spain where I live). One of the things that bugs me most about Barcelona is that it is not a very romantic city. Being so big and crowded, it is hard (impossible?) to feel like you are sharing something intimate when you are out there.

Cadaques is a little Village close to the french border, that I have grown to love. It is a 2 hours ride, so I don't get to go there very often. We just love it there. Picture a tiny, white village built along some small beaches. In order to get there you have to cross the mountains, which are pretty impressive by themselves. Picture some incredible restaurants and a walk along the waterline. Little boats everywhere. The smel of flowers and salt in the air. If you drive a little further, you'll get to Cap de Creus, a zone the stands out for the beautiy of the mediterranean mountains and the little coves down at the waterline. Mostly you can only access them walking. Its a must see.

Cap de Creus Scenery

Cap de Creus

Cadaques in the Background



Salt and scent of flowers in the air...

Charming or what?

Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures , thanks for reading and have a nice Thursday :)

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