November 28, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude?

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe. Of course, like everything else, big events like this one gradually come over the pond and some people do, but it's not a mass phenomenon. Of all the holidays, I know this would be my favorite one. Not only because of all the food, but mostly because of the idea. Unfortunately I tend to be a little negative in many things and it is hard for me to sit down and actually be grateful for what I have. Which is not little, as I have a job, a loving fiance, an education, enough money for occasional trips and treats and an incredible flat that many would kill for in Barcelona. It wasn't easy to achieve any of these, as I wasn't exactly love at first sight for my boyfriend, nobody wanted to employ me until I spoke the language well enough and the real estate market here is just desperate. I have lived in rooms with space for only a bed for about two years and had some jobs that paid me little more than the monthly rent. Thing is, I always strive for the next thing and don't really enjoy the present as long as I know there are some substantial things missing. 

I wasn't raised in any belief, and even though I fully respect all religions and beliefs out there (as long as they don't harm anybody) I consider myself and Atheist. I always find it interesting to read the blogs of people who belong to any kind of church/religion (and there are plenty of them!) Their world is so different from mine. When they have struggles, they pray. When they are going through a hard time, they assume that all the problems will make them a better, well rounded person. When they have an important decision to make, they pray again and wait for some kind of divine help with their decision. And when everything is going well, they feel blessed.

 Sometimes I can't help but feel some envy of their way to look at life. It must be comforting and reassuring to believe that something out there is looking after you and that prayer will mostly fix everything in the end. When I have struggles, I'll have sleepless nights. When I go through a hard time, I wonder how I deserve this.When I have an important decision to make, I'll have sleepless nights again. And when things are going well, I'll sure find some things that are not as I'd like them to be.

The point is, and I always try to remember this, that it is hard to be happy if one constantly lives in the future and doesn't enjoy the merits of the present. 

Happy thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate, enjoy the holidays :)


  1. Thanksgiving really is a great holiday, and I do think you would enjoy it. For it, though, I don't get together with my whole family, my parents, and my best friend and her parents have always had thanksgiving at our childhood neighbors house with their kids. So I've always loved being able to spend it with the friends I grew up with, which some would call "Friendsgiving" haha. Also, I love how honest you are!


    1. Hello Hayley, friendsgiving sounds like a great Invention that I might have to try over here!
      Thanks for your comment :)