November 18, 2014

3 days in Ibiza

Good morning everybody :)

This past October we celebrated our third anniversary and I wanted to do something special. Alberto is not the guy for crazy ideas, and I knew what we did would ultimately depend on me. So..... I bought a flight to Ibiza and a place to stay. We took a day off of work and spent a long weekend on the island. Most people seem to think of Ibiza mainly as a place to party. I am glad to report that the party is mostly limited to Ibiza city while the rest of the Island stands out for stunning coves and landscapes. As for the place where we stayed, it was a rather crappy little hostel - no money for romantic suites here. But we only slept there anyways, so it really didn't matter.

If you ever go to Ibiza, I highly recommend not going in July and August. It is too crowded and you won't enjoy yourself. Not to speak of the prices in high season. Go in September or October, when the weather is still nice and most tourists left the Island. I would also recommend to stay in Ibiza City. The Island is so small that you can go everywhere in no time and the historical centre is really nice to visit in the evening after your trips. Also: Rent a scooter! It's so worth it, nothing compares to driving along the coast, feeling the sun and wind on your skin. While there are some amazing beaches in the south, I LOVED the north of the Island. At some point we stopped looking at our map and just followed the narrow roads, that led us over surprisingly high mountains with incredible views, through darling little green valleys and of course, to many beautiful hidden beaches. We didn't have time to take a boat  ride to Formentera which is an even smaller Island approx. 1 hour from Ibiza. But we will next time. I really fell in Love with Ibiza and hope to return soon. Instead of pictures, I thought you might enjoy a little video to better feel the vibe. I cut it together from videos and pictures I took with my Cellphone and Camera, hence the changing quality. I know its pretty darn shaky and I apologize, the video sequences were moostly taken on a scooter. Hope you enjoy the video :)