October 30, 2014

Roadtrippin' - From Nice to Germany

Here I am, back with part II of our little adventure. Yesterday I told you how much I loved Cassis and Antibes, definitely two highlights on our way. Honestly, it is so hard to pick out where to stop and what to skip at the Cote d'azure. Almost every little village is worth visiting and all larger towns have incredible historical sites and so on. We saw ourselves obliged to skip some great places that we had on our way, such as St Tropez, Marseille and Orange. Not to mention that I am dreaming since years ago of visiting the south of France and the famous lavender fields. But it would have meant many additional hours and sadly , I had to leave it for another trip :( Anyways, after Antibes we moved on to Nice where we stayed for 2 days. Nice is such a beautiful city. The light there is truly incredible. I LOVED the markets and bought a ton of spices, sea salts, fabrics and so on. They also have beautiful ceramics, but they are pricey and we literally had no space left in our car. Of the bigger cities I visited in my life, Nice definitely has a special place in my heart.

One evening we went to Monaco, which I didn't enjoy particularly - just a ton of skyscrapers in a very narrow space if you ask me. But, we also went to the Casino and actually won! No , I am not a millionaire now, but it covered the gas costs of our whole trip! Lucky us! When we finally left Nice , we passed by Ezé. An incredible medieval village on top of a mountain. I love historic sites and have seen plenty, but this must be one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. As I told you, the French just know how to do it. And they definitely also know how to make money. When we wanted to access the highest point of the village to enjoy the views, we were dismayed to see that they charged 6 € / person. Too much for our taste. Through a lucky coincidence we were able to enter one of the 5 star hotels they have there and enjoyed the views from the terrace for no money :)

After Ezé we entered Italy where we saw Imperia and Cervo. As a side note, the drive from Nice to Italy is unreal. Just picture yourself driving on top of the mountains while seeing the Mediterranean Sea , beaches and villages below. The villages in Italy are charming too, but I am afraid to say just a little on the dirtier side. Same goes for the beaches, the water is nice but most of the beaches are rather small and not as nice as in France. The food on the other site is insane and a lot less expensive than at the Cote d'azure. Afterwards, we continued to the Lake of Como and Germany.

Altogether it was an incredible trip, we were so lucky with the weather and really enjoyed ourselves. Most days we ate pasta and lentils and other stuff we could cook at the camping, But every now and then we went to a restaurant to enjoy some local food. I don't know about you, but prefer I to have money for some extra kilometers and see more places than spending it all at in restaurants.
Every time I look at the pictures I can't help to think how lucky we are to live these experiences together. Travelling is everything for me, and I am so glad that we have the opportunity to go on trips so frequently.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, have a nice day!

Cervo, Italy


Lake Como

Everything in Ezé looks like this



Ezé views

On the Road

Black Forest! Love of my life :)

The fam

Love how lush and green everything around there is.


the casino...


On our way through Switzerland

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