October 29, 2014

Roadtrippin' - Cassis , Antibes

Hey y'all!

So in June we were wondering where we should go for vacations and finally decided to go on a road trip. Starting in Barcelona, we visitied Montpellier, Sete, Cassis, Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Ezé, Monaco, Imperia, Cervo, Lago di Como and my hometown Freiburg. We crossed the north of Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland and finally arrived in Germany. On the way back we stayed 3 days on my favorite camping at the Costa Brava (Sant Pere Pescador). Quite a Trip! For all of you who have not heard of how beautiful the Cote d'azure is, its stunning. Also really expensive, but beautiful sights everywhere. The French are so good at maintaining their cities , food, savoire vivre and everything. We stayed on Campings. While I have always LOVED camping and went frequently with my mom and friends, Albertos family really appreciates the comfort you have in a hotel. So it was his first time ever camping experience! Ha! If I said he was scared it would be an understatement. But I think even though he didn't love it, he was positively surprised in the end. Not to mention how budget friendly camping is compared to the alternatives.

My favorites were definitely Cassis, Antibes, Nice, Ezé and Lago di Como. Even though when we were at Lake Como it started raining and we decided to turn our 2 day stay in a 3 hours stay and continued to my hometown in the south of Germany. Cassis  is a cute little city I highly recommend visiting. Narrow streets, little boats and restaurants everywhere. When you go there, you have to see "Les Calanques" de Cassis. Little hidden beaches that are only accessible after a steep hike through the coastal mountains. After staying in Cassis for three days, we moved on to Nice. But on the way to Nice we passed Cannes and Antibes. While Cannes is nothing out of this world in my opinion , Antibes is truly charming. The old town is surrounded by a huge wall, there are countless flower markets and little souvenir stores and the view over the mediterranean Sea is just breathtaking.

Antibes view from the wall


On the way to "Les Calanques"

Crowded, I know... but still beautiful.


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