October 23, 2014

How I got over Insomnia Part 2

Hello guys,

I'm back with more insomnia talk. Yesterday I wrote about how important it is to change your mind and try to think positive. Well, this night was a little rough for me as I have a cold and can barely breathe. I wouldn't fall asleep for hours! 6 months ago I would have panicked and ended up with a completely sleepless night, but I tried to keep up the positive attitude and managed to sleep 5 hours in the end which is not too bad.

Today I want to focus on another important point which is a schedule that I followed religiously in the last months. We are all different so what works for me doesn't necessarily work for you. But here is what I did:

1) I try to workout everyday. And if it is only a light jog or walk for 20 minutes. It will help to relax your mind. Try not to work out too late (after 8 pm) as this will rather wake you up!

2) Here in Spain people have dinner very late.It was never my thing but I kind of tried to adapt . But people,  there is nothing worse for your sleep than a big dinner after 8 pm. I try to have dinner around 7 pm and then later I will maybe snack some fruits and nuts if I am hungry.

3) No TV or Laptop after 9.30. This might be really hard for some people, but I found out that it really relaxes me to just read a book before I go to bed. Try to use a small light, as too much light will wake you up.

4) Switch the light off at 10.30 pm. Again, this might be early for some people (and it was for me) but it is a great hour because there is a nice buffer if you don't sleep immediately which personally helps me to not freak out when I notice that I'll have problems to fall asleep. "It is only 11 pm, even if I don't sleep for another hour I will still be able to sleep 7 hours and be ok tomorrow".

I followed these steps religiously and it helped me a great deal. Of course this means that you won't be able to go out at the weekend and even eating out in the evening can be complicated, but it is so worth it when after some time you realize that your body autmoatically gets tired around 10 pm.Its all about keeping up the rhythm!

Tomorrow I'll talk about some meds I have been taking.

Have a nice day!

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