October 31, 2014

Fall Cravings

Hi Guys!

I consider myself everything but an authority when it comes to fashion, but I'd like to share my latest pins with you. Somebody told me recently Pinterest was "so 2012". Well maybe it is? But I still love it to death. No better source for inspiration. I am by no means a professional pinner, mostly I just re-pin pictures and images I love. I am not a naturally creative person and Pinterest opened a whole new world for me. Fortunately or unfortunately I should say, because it also makes me feel like my closet is so empty and lacking this new Hat, Skirt or boots I just re-pinned. Story of my life.

Do you agree that this dress is to die for? I have always had a weak spot for velvet and this wine red is everything. So beautiful.

Sequins are beatiful, and I love it with Boyfriend Jeans to go for drinks etc. Maybe with some pumps as temperatures drop.

Socks on me always look a little weird, but this looks so comfy and warm.

In the last months Hats have been popping up everywhere. Isn't it amazing how they can completely change your look? I am a huge fan. Its hard to find nice, affordable ones though... I even went thrift shopping and died when I saw that in Thrift shops they were still around 40 €.

Would love a new coat in a nice colour. Just that they are so pricey...

There are people who can pull off Tulle and people who can't. Not sure If I could, but I'd love to. Dreamy!

As you see I am just a little smitten with red velvet!

Over sized Blazer, on the wish list.

Comfy! I really don't like Ballerinas on me, but they work with this kind of outfit. Love the glasses, too.

I was 15 when I discovered Higheels and ever since I kind of felt under dressed wearing flats. In the last years my heels got lower and lower and maybe it is a sign of me getting old, but I kind of feel like wearing comfortable shoes now. Haha. Totally like these flat lace up boots.

Love this jacket. Colours! What are your fall cravings? Feel free to follow me on Instagram if you like! Have a nice weekend, I'll be back next week :)



  1. I love all these looks! I am living in Hawaii right now but, moving to Utah in December so, I can't wait to wear boots, jackets and sweaters.

    1. Hello McKenze! I get what you're saying, I am from a place with real seasons , too, and the mild climate in Barcelona is driving me nuts! Good luck with the move. xo