June 24, 2014


Hey there!

Today I started the day off in areally bad mood. Just lookinng at my tired face and my eyerings (that have doubles in size during the last year) makes me mad. Its incredible how constant lack of sleep can change your mood in a negative way to the point that you start feeling seriously depressed.

But then I think it is also important to think about the good things, because getting too obsessed with the negative site will only make things worse.

Some positive things:

 -Only 2 months left til my next holidays (after that a long break without free days, but I prefer having my time off in summer)
-the flowers in the garden are beautiful
-its finally warm and sunny outside
-i´ll sign up at a gym with Pilates and Yoga tomorrow and hope this will help me to relax my mind.

its after 12 again , just hoping i'll be able to get some sleep tonight...

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