June 18, 2014


Hello all,

I set this blog up meaning to just share snippets of my daily life. I never managed to keep it up because I suffer from insomnia that makes it virtually impossible to do anything more than strictly necessary. So I figured, instead of these idle topics I could just as well focus on something that really concerns me.

I have always had problems sleeping when I was having some trouble, and my mom has issues since many years. I only started developing real symptoms in the last year or so. At some point I started taking sleeping pills, but stopped after 2 months. I suspect that they made the problem worse, even though I cannot prove it. Ever since I sometimes spend whole nights awake, sometimes fall asleep from 4 am to 7 am or wake up after sleeping only 3 hours and cannot fall asleep again. n the beginning I only had it on working days, but now I also have it on weekends and (as in this case) even during my vacations.

I never realized how much suffering comes along with a issue like this. Laying awake at night, knowing you have to work the day after, feelig lonely, and sometimes desperate and depressed.


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