June 23, 2014

Holiday blues

Holidays are almost over,
we are back home and after 3 days of sleeping a lot my insomnia is back as well.
At the moment its 2 am and it doesn#t look like I will sleep anytime soon.

During holidays I slept really well when we were camping, and had problems always when we stayd inside of a house. I guess I cannot go camping for the rest of my life.

Really nervous and depressed about going back to work. I cannot continue to run on so few our of sleep. I am thinking about quitting my job etc, but then what am I going to do? If I knew I could sort my problems out I'd do it, but I am not sure I can and I cannot be unemployed for the rest of my life either.

I am thinking about joining a meditation group and a gym and take up dancing classes again to have a counterweight to work.

I am craving food right now, but I just lost weight during holidays because I wasnt eating constantly at night and I would like to keep it up, so I guess no food tonight.

Hope you are sleeping well...

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