March 17, 2014

Think positive

Hey you!

As you know I had two really though weeks at work, but after a wonderful spring weekend everything just appears so much more positive. I always think that attitude has a huge impact on everything we do and try (even though not always with success) to see the positive side of things. Even though my job is extremely stressful right now I feel so blessed to work in a company with very hard working, inspiring and talented people and I love to think that our work will further improve the workflow which will help us to be even better at what we do. I am a huge outdoor fan, in fact at the weekends I basically live outside, so being in an office is kind of a challenge for me, I think I'll never get used to it. One of my dreams is to have my own company one day, related to one of the things I am really passionate about (nature, food, exercise etc) but so far the job that I have right now is the closest thing I could have to working independently and I love it. I think its about time that the companies evolve to further improve the situation of their employees, referring to flexible work times, working from home when necessary, support for parents with children etc. Last year I read "Let my people go surfing" written by Yvon Chouinard and found it hugely inspiring.

Favorite Place

After talking so much about my goals last week, I can proudly announce that this weekend I did quite well. Food wise I really cut back on carbon hydrates, as I only had my usual breakfast but for lunch and dinner grilles veggies with fish and/or chicken. I did have a Nutella session afterwards, but I still feel that i did quite well.I also did some light work out each day and we went to see a possible wedding location! I really loved it, we still have some other places to check though before deciding on a place in aprox. 1 month.
I also finally managed to take some pictures for look posts her eon the blog, for today I chose a simple and classic combination that I love for spring: denim + white blouse.

Hope you too had a wonderful weekend.


Keepin' it simple: Bershka skinnies, Zara blouse, Pull & Bear ankle boots

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