March 20, 2014

The striped dress

Hello hello,

Love thursdays! Doesn't it feel like the weekend is really going to start today?
Last week I posted 3 basic dresses from Zara that I liked, and maybe you didn't but I knew this striped dress had to be mine.

I mean, 12 €, organic cotton, incredible deal isn't it? So when I got the chance I bought it and as we had really warm temperatures around here, I already wore it once WITHOUT TIGHTS ! Isn't it exciting when you get to  go outside without pants and tights and feel the wind on your skin? One of my favorite moments every year.

So I really like this dress and think I'll be using it a lot in spring/summer, but it is kind of short. I feel like I need to combine it with a blazer as in the fotos below or anything like that to cover up a little. I wish it was just a tiny little bit longer. This is a size M, maybe I should have gotten it in a bigger size instead?

But anyways, I am kind of long so if you guys are a little shorter I am sure you won't have problems with it. For tomorrow I have a product review prepared, and let me tell you its one of the most surprising products I have encountered last year, so make sure to tune in!

Love- Sophia

Dress: Zara Blazer:Zara Ankle boots: Pull and Bear

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