March 4, 2014

The incredible no knead - no rest- bread.

Hello , how are you?

I have been a little sick over the weekend, but recovering now.

I wanted to share this bread tutorial for a while with you. I know many people say bread is no good for you, and I read tons of blogs where people eat 1 thin slice of bread with avocado for breakfast. Not me. I love a good breakfast, and I usually have between 3 and 5 slices. But if I eat that much bread, I want to have it with the best ingredients possible. Here in Spain its very hard to get good bread, and if you find a bakery that does it well, they'll make you pay 5 - 6 bucks for a small loaf. My boyfriend and I eat 3-4 loafs a week so doing the math we would be paying easily 20 € /week , way too much for something that you can do for a lot less.

I tried many, many recipes and added my own ideas, and finally I came up with this recipe. Why is it so genius? Usually if you work with yeast, you have to knead, you have to let the dough sit and rise and all this together is an uncomfortable mix if you want to bake your own bread on a weekday after work. This bread is no knead, no rest, straight to the oven. Preparation time is 5 minutes, baking time 45.

Its as easy as this:

-500 g whole grain flour
-25 g fresh yeast
-seeds as you prefer. In my experience the sesame gives a really nice taste and I would recommend using a generous amount always, in additions to some others such as walnuts or pumpkin seeds. I can't recommend sunflower seeds, I tried them a couple of times and found that they gave the bread a bitter  taste.
- (A little) Agave Sirop
-If you like, steel cut Oatmeal.

How to:
Mix everything up in a bread form , adding some hand warm water  until the texture is very liquid. (as in the picture more or less). I use a spoon stick to stir it. If you want to add a special note, substitute part of the water with malt beer. Put it into the cold oven (I have an oven that heats up very quickly, if not you might want to preheat but only 2, 3 minutes). Leave it in there at 250 degrees during 45 minutes. After 10 minutes, you cover the bread with aluminium foil  to prevent it from browning too much. You'll see that it started rising already. The last 5-10 minutes, you should take the foil off because if not the crust will be rather chewing gum like. After 45 minutes, get it out of the oven and out of the bread form. It should be light golden and slightly browned. Let cool 15 minutes, if it is very soft, put in the oven again without form for 5 minutes more.

That's it, its as easy as this :) your own bread, healthy ingredients, inexpensive, no time consuming. Could it get any better?

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