March 21, 2014

Review: The spectacular benefits of rosehip oil

Hello and Happy Friday everybody!

I am a huge skin care fan, but kind of selective. I do want awesome products that help my skin to recover from all the bad things I do (staying up late, being in the sun way too much and so on) but I don't like paying lots of money for something that isn't worth every penny.

I have tried so much stuff that in the next weeks I'll do quite a lot more reviews, some of them with expensive brands and some with drug store finds.

This review is of the latter kind, as you'll see in the video I started using this oil on my skin because it had worked really well brightening up and healing a scar that I had after an accident, and it really transformed my skin. I've never had as nice skin as I do now after using this through several months.

Tune in to know more! I had to cut the video in the beginning and in the end because there was too much useless information ;)

Have a nice weekend!

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