March 28, 2014

Pastel colors and HELLO WEEKEND!

Happy Friday evening!

I just survived another week of pure craziness at work. Pretty much the only thing I want to do this weekend is catch up on sleep. I must have slept an average of 4 hours this week, if not less. But just thinking about these two days of relax makes me feel so good. Its still rather chilly here, at least compared to the weather a couple of weeks ago, but I refuse to get back to wearing woollen sweaters and so on. So today a look with beige skinnies and this orange blouse!

I only started buying orange things last year, and now I can't get enough of it ;) Such a vibrant, lively colour. Usually I don't like very think heels , as I walk a lot and like to get where I want to get fast, but sometimes it feels alright to spend a day on the slow line wearing some stilettos.. I like the result of this a look a lot, don't you think that the beige and the leather combines with the pop of color make it a classy yet fun look? On a side note, I hate how my hair looks like. I made a huge mistake last year that ended up with me having platinum blonde hair and afterwards I dyed it brown. Ever since it is kind of orange. I wish I could grow it out faster, grrrr.

Lately I am trying to buy as much organic food as I can. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow me to buy too much, so its mostly little treats like these fig bars I bought yesterday. Delicious! And of course I had to eat them all ;)

Have a nice weekend!

Love - Sophia

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