March 5, 2014

New Acquisitions!

Hey there,

For tomorrow I have an outfit post scheduled but today I wanted to show you my latest acquisitions, probably the last things I bought during A/W sales.
I wanted some flat black boots for a long time, but even though there are plenty of them around I found it difficult to find a model that I liked. I wanted them to look chic and have some true rock star glamor at the same time :) I don't know if you agree that these are what I've been looking for. In my opinion the mix of black leather and the gold details make them a chic, yet comfy choice. I also love that they make my feet look small even though they are flat. I am wearing them now, later I'll upload some pictures.

On my shopping list for this spring I had some converse, but I find them ridiculously expensive for what they are and finally decided to buy something similar from another brand. If I like them a lot, I might buy  the real thing on day ;) I love that they have so many colors, but actually didn't really know what to go for. Black is probably classic, but would rather have some red or green ones. Problem is that you can't combine them effortlessly , especially because my spring and summer wardrobe is really colorful (as you'll see in the next weeks). So in the end I bough these in beige, hope I won't have regrets !

As I told you this weekend I went to the coast, one of my favorite spots  of the costa Brava , S'Agaro. There are some beautiful beaches and incredible houses, not that I am going to own anything like that, but we can dream, can't we? I spent hours laying at the beach ans soaking up the sun, only listening to the soft waves. A truly blessed day.

Stuff that I do to keep myself busy with : Please don't think that I upload this because I regard myself as a great artist, I don't. I just want to inspire you, its so much fun to do something creative sometimes instead of just watching TV. This is my mum when she was young :) Have a nice day!

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