March 10, 2014

Long Days

hey ladies,

 I hinted in one of my posts last week that i was going to have some tough days at work , and tough they were. Up to 12 hours in the office each day, and unfortunately this week will be the same. I was trying to take some pictures in the evenings, but I looked like crap and I thought rather than upload crappy pictures don't upload them. So frustrated right now! I don't stick to my fitness routine, can't manage daily posts on the blog, at work things are complicated, I am sitting in the office all day long- I don't want to complain, but life could be better. It could also be worse, I know. As I won't be able to upload pictures this week either (unless I get out of this office early one day, maybe friday). Today I just can't,having a real bad day. I think I'll go running now, because if not I might have another night of insomnia ahead with all this frustration in my head.

The weekend was lovely though, we went to the beach and enjoyed the first real spring weekend. I asked my boyfriend to take some pictures for the record, but he thought it was ridiculous and refused to do it. So I'll have to keep doing this myself, which is a little difficult as I still only have my phone camera. In a couple of weeks I'll be in Germany and will probably buy a camera there. Hope you have been doing better than me!


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