March 14, 2014

Keeping on track

Hello again,

Its friday and I just went through my list of goals that I set on monday or tuesday. Unfortunately I failed to accomplish the great majority, (such as updating this blog wednesday and thursday, yes...) It has just been another insane week. At work we are switching from one accounting system to another, and we have to enter all the information we put in there between 1st of January and now AGAIN into the new system. So much work! I am pleased to say though that I achieved a lot this week and probably next week will be better, at least after tuesday, the official deadline.
Also, I failed at heaving healthy lunches (with all the frustration I just needed something utterly greasy) , and instead of going for a run I decided to meet a friend that I wanted to see for a while but never managed to meet. The other days I just stayed in at work straight til 9 pm and went go to bed like a Zombi afterwards without spending any thoughts on exercising.

I also did some good stuff though, such as preparing and eating my first kale salad.
I always read about all the benefits of eating kale and while I am not going to gulp this down in one of these green juices that everybody seems to love, I could warm my heart for the salad option.
Apparently it is very important to knead the kale with some olive oil and lemon juice to soften it up a little. I had it with cranberries, walnuts, mushrooms and some little serrano ham slices. Surprisingly good!

I also finally advanced on our vacation planning. In June we want to do a road trip from Barcelona to Freiburg, seeing as many beautiful places on the way as possible. Very excited about this! I also realized that I need to further improve my diet when it comes to side dishes. I mostly just have fish or chicken or pasta with salad or maybe some mushrooms, but there is so much more we can (and should) do. I admit that I have to stick to a relatively tight budget when going to the supermarket, but maybe I could just try to squeeze some more vegetables in.

So now the weekend is about to start, and I cant wait to get some sleep, exercise and prepare some posts ;)

How about this awesome navy cotton dress from Zara? HATE the sandals the girl is wearing, but with some nice shoes, maybe a belt, and a little color this would be great - really inexpensive too, only 12 €! Plus, its organic cotton.

What do you think about this grey Zara dress? I am not sure if this would flatter me, as I have some quite (too much) toned shoulders which might make this look a little masculine. Also, do you see how it clinges to the body? This would reveal every little ounce of belly fat ;) Still like the simplicity of the dress.

I am so sad that I cannot wear yellow! My skin and hair in my opinion do have a quite yellowish touch, and the color only looks good on me in small doses. so I think this yellow dress is probably not an option for me. Again, HATE these sandals! I know it was all about chunky boots last fall and winter, but really, these sandals in summer?

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