February 3, 2014

Yellow skirt

Good evening everybody!

I didn't sleep much again tonight, but at least it was a nice day and I got some stuff done from my to do list. I started off with a nice, big breakfast. I am planning to dedicate a post to my breakfast one day, but lets just say that much: Its a lot.

Skirt: Zara Top: Zara Boots: Pull & Bear Jacket: Stradivarius
In Germany we have a saying that in the morning you should eat like an emperor, mid day like a king and in the evening like a beggar. I don't know if this is actually correct , as in many magazines I read that all the Celebs have at least 5 small meals a day. But I have decided not to care about this, as it works for me and I am honestly too lazy to eat (and prepare) 5 meals a day. I also have to say that I feel more satisfied for a longer time after eating a lot at once. I know that after a little portion I would just constantly be craving for the next little meal.

So after that I washed all my clothes, sat out in the backyard to read some time and went for a run with a friend. Now I'll probably catch up on work a little and later watch a movie with Alberto...
I told you in my last post that I got a Zara skirt in the sales, its the yellow one i am wearing today! I never liked the combination yellow - black, but I have t say I like it in this case. What do you think?


Skirt: Zara Top: Zara Boots: Pull & Bear Jacket: Stradivarius

View from the terrace!

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