February 11, 2014

Valentines Day Date: Denim

Hello and good morning.

I think I told you before that I hate tuesdays with all my heart, but we have to think positive - only 4 days left til the weekend :)

I know that 95 % of all blogs are posting Valentines Day date related stuff now, and I am sorry but I have to join that trend.  I am not even a big Valentines Fan myself, I believe that you can show your love all year long and give your loved ones little gifts whenever you feel like it. But I love getting flowers and I cherish every occasion to dress up a little, so I won't miss out on this fun!

Another thing I like about it is, that apparently there is an unwritten rule that you should wear something red on Valentines. I love the colour red, but I don't wear it very frequently because most reds don't look good with my yellowish skin. Which means that I usually have to work a little more on my make up to even out my skin tone.

This week I'll show you three different , as I hope inspiring style ideas, starting with some denim today. As always I am staying true to myself shooting this pictures with my little samsung camera, so sorry if the quality is not what you are used to from other blogs!

Pants: Mango Shirt:Vintage Jacket: Stradivarius. Purse: Vintage. Shoes: Menorca. Beanie Hat: Natura

As you can see the look is very casual, but I believe the ruffles of the shirt give the romantic touch and the heels prevent it from looking just all too casual, or at least that what I like to think!

Enjoy the day! xoxo, Sophia

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