February 2, 2014

The Lady went shoppig

Hello hello,

this saturday everything went wrong. Saturday is supposed to be the day I can sleep in (on weekdays I barely sleep 6 hours) but that morning some noises around the house woke me up repeatedly and     I got so stressed out that after some meager 8 hours I couldn´t sleep any more. Usually I sleep more than 12 on that day!

So I started my favourite day of the week in a very bad mood. Later I was supposed to have a nice workout, but the weather was bad and I decided to go shopping instead. Kind of feeling bad now, because I had a real couch potatoe day (shopping cannot exactly be considered physically challenging, right?). But this just means that tomorrow I´ll have to work even harder!

So anyways, at least my shopping was productive. Right now we´re having sales here in Spain and I already got my share a couple of weeks ago, a new coat from Zara, some underwear from Oysho and Intimissimi and some blouses and skirts also from Zara.

I wasn´t meant to buy anything, but as you´ll see the opportunity was just impossible to resist.

 I always thought I didn´t have that much of a shoetick as other women reportedly do, but over the years I somehow accumulated 2 boots, 4 ankle boots , 5 or 6 highheels and 10-15 sandals in my closet. Oh, and my beloved Hunter boots that I got this year. Does that already make me a shoe addict? The only thing I actually need are some flat black boots. I am imagining them with a flat wooden heel and some gold details. But when I saw these babies for only 29 €, I couldn't resist.They are from Springfield.

 I am also a huge sucker for underwear , have always been even when I was single. Thankfully I have a boyfriend who appreciates it. I try not to buy it when not on sales though, after all some nice underwear can be quite pricey and usually nobody except me and Alberto see it. These two bras are from Yamamy. The first time I bought bras there and I have to say, definitely not the last one. These bras are not padded, just have a round shape and let me tell you, they make your chest look completely different and totally spectacular.

 Isn´t this Pyjama combo from Oysho the cutest?
Can't wait for the temperatures to rise in order to waer these sexy little pants. As for the shirt, I am wearing it right now and loving it. So comfy and cute!

Oysho in general has such pretty things. I could buy almost everything they have in their whole store. I do think though that their bras are rather for smaller chests though. My breasts are rather medium sized and I feel that the bras don´t really support them that well. But still. so pretty!
In order to get more motivated to exercise, I also got the sport bra below (this one does fit perfectly well) and the shirt, also from Oysho.

Hopefully I´ll be able to post a picture tomorrow of me working out with them ;)

xoxo, good night, and enjoy your weekend!

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