February 17, 2014

The glittery Vest

Say hello to this crisp Monday Morning!

Ultimately the weather seems to follow a steady and quite unpleasant pattern around here: Fridays are always sunny, Saturdays still warm but a little cloudy and on Sunday it starts raining at some point. Monday, of course, is sunny again. Thats just not fair! I really like rain, its what keeps our planet green and I love how clean the air feels after a good rain, but why can't it rain on weekdays?

On Saturday it was so warm that I could even go out without tights, and I opted for this dark grey cotton dress and the little olive green vest that i had bought Friday in one of my favorite stores. The name of the Store is Paz Elorza, its a rather small store but boy they do have some fine stuff in there. Also really inexpensive. Always good to find something special.  As to what i wear in the pictures, I actually think that the combination is not the best because both colors are rather dark. I am planning to wear this vest with denim and a white shirt but that day I couldn't resist to wear both things together. How was your weekend? We went out on Saturday and had a fun night with friends, and yesterday we went to bed really early so for once I am sitting in the office and feel wide awake. Besides, this week will be short because on Friday I have a day off and we'll travel do Porto. Excited!

Hope you had a nice weekend , too :)

Dress & Vest: Paz Elorza. Boots: Menorca

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