February 26, 2014

Spring Cravings

Hey there people,

I have to break some bad news: my good old camera has finally died. So I need to buy a new one now, that shouldn't be more expensive than my budget allows and allow me to take some decent pictures.Besides, do you miss spring/summer as much as I do? So sick of biking to work with a beanie and scarf and gloves. Can't wait to leave the house without jacket again.

Reason enough to share some of my spring cravings for the closet :) Check them out in my Pinterest account. For some reasons I have had problems to embed the pins in the post, so I helped myself with some screenshots of the actual pins.

Orange feels like the ultimate spring/summer color to me, I love it in all its variations. I also feel that is is a color that people with all kind of skin tones can wear. On my wish list:

 How amazing is an orange blazer with a beige scarf? Love it! Fun combination of colorful and sophisticated. Also a huge Fan of the layered orange dress and the maxi dress down there. For a warm summer night...

Maybe not a trend, but seriously how cute is this dotted green dress with that jacket? The lady who wears it can totally pull it off, I wish I could as well! I think dots always give a touch of playfulness and lady style.

Trench-coat in a fun color
I love my good old beige trench for fall, but I think a nice color would fit better in spring. how about this coral trench in the picture below? Love the ruffles as well!

Beige Ankle Boots
With pants, skirts, dresses....for these spring days that aren't warm enough to wear sandals yet. Time to get forget about those winter boots for some months :)

Mint Green (as seen in the skirt below and the pants in the picture above)
Mint green is one of the colors that I don't have in my closet yet, and green is one of my favorite colors. Adore the skirt + white shirt + statement necklace the girl wears in that pin. Mint green pants would also be fun, I feel that white is a great combination for them but I could also imagine some bold color block combinations. How beautiful is the girl with the mint green pants?

Striped Tee
Must haves: surprisingly enough, I don't own a striped tee. Its one of these basics that you can wear with everything, shorts, skirts, pants, heels, flats, flip flops... so I wanted one for quite some time, just didn't find a fit and fabric that I liked yet. Like the combination with coral and gold as in the pin.

Flared denim
I've been wearing them up and down in high school, and I still think that no shape flatters me as much as flared denim pants. In the last years, it was hard to get them, but they are having a little revival now. need to get some soon, and wear them with a light blouse and some fancy sandals!
Colour blocks
I also really like the combination red /purple in that dress below, even though this material is maybe a little bit shiny. Looking forward to bold color combinations in dresses and in general.

What are your highlights for spring?

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