February 13, 2014

Schoolgirl look reinterpreted and Hand Knitted Infitiny Scarf

Hello buddies,

The last days I have been sick, but feeling better now and you know what: the weekend is around the corner! This weekend is gonna be fun, we'll have some friends over and probably go out on Saturday, looking forward to hit the dance floor.

Isn't todays look a total school girl outfit? I bought this skirt in fall in H&M because I like the color a lot for these winter months. The children here in Spain wear uniforms when they go to school, and many of them wear skirts in this color, even though maybe a little bit longer ;). So I thought I could do my own interpretation and combined it with some leather boots and this beige, blazer-like jacket also from H&M. Love the little ruffles it has in the front. Sorry for not posting more pictures, I did these quite quickly and I am not exactly the queen of posing , so these two pictures were the only ones that I could approve to appear on this blog. 

On the other hand , look at this little scarf I knitted .Its a so called loop or infinity scarf, but a short one. The wool is quite thick and I think it looks better this way.

I started knitting last fall, there are a million videos in the web with instruction how to do it, and you get the grip really easily. Only minus: its definitely not and inexpensive hobby. If you like nice wool, be prepared to pay for it :)  This one is a really easy cable knit , if you want more information on it, feel free to contact me.  Have a wonderful Thursday!
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