February 19, 2014

Red socks

Hey Hey,

Boots and Socks: Springfield

Lately I feel like wearing red all the time, possibly because I am  sick of winter and just need a splash of color after months of wearing thick materials and mostly beige, grey , black etc.

I wanted to wear the outfit below with some skin colored heels (and no red socks) but then I just felt boring and decided to change the heels for the boots and socks without thinking it over too much. I like both ways to wear this outfit but the latter felt like more fun so I decided to publish it today. Love how the texture of the sweater goes with the beige skirt.

I gotta admit that I overindulged yesterday, we had homemade sushi done by A.'s Mom and Sister and I brought a Strawberry tart inspired by Martha Stewart .
Skirt: Forever 21 Sweater: Mango

I did some little changes though and it was simply DELISH. I'll upload a tutorial soon on how to do the tart, its very easy and quite foolproof I would say. Make sure to check out my Instagram or Twitter Account to check out the pictures. I don't believe in diets at all, just in moderation. So today it'll be more salad and veggies to make up for yesterday.

Enjoy your day!

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