February 27, 2014

Product review: Kiehl's UltrafacialOvernight Hydrating Masque

Hey guys, finally thursday!

How did you like yesterdays' post? I love going through stuff that fellow bloggers upload, this is one of the reasons I use Pinterest a lot. So easy to get inspired and find new awesome blogs. Hope you found some of the items I posted yesterday inspiring :)

Btw, do you use kayal/eyeliner in your waterline? I like using black eyeliner when I go out to bring out the color of my eyes, but during day time I usually just want to open my eyes and go for a more natural look. Usually I've been using white eyeliner in my waterline , but on another blog I recently read that a beige shade brings better results. So I bought the beige eyeliner and have been testing it for a while, and gotta say it does work a lot better. The white one did seem a little artificial. When using the beige one it doesn't look like wearing make up, just as if you'd had a good night of sleep.By the way, check out this Blog, she has many great make up tutorials and good tips in general. I don't use make up that much, but when I do I find her extremely helpful :)!

I am back with another product review today, it about Kiehl's Ultrafacial Overnight Hydrating Masque.
I am in awe of this product, but not exactly for using it the way it should be used! Tune in to find out why.

Have a great day! xoxo

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